There is always an opportunity in every problem. 

Navigating my way to vanguard on Sunday for a meeting, the entire road was dead blocked! If you know Apapa very well, you will know this is the norm. 

During the course of the meeting my partner called a guy that brought in his car key and that’s it!

What is it, you asked?

Well, the guy hangs around at the Vanguard premises, my partner calls him anytime he’s stucked in the dead Apapa traffic each time he’s coming to work to come drive the car down while he jumped on bike to save time. 

Did you even see what I saw? I mean, did you see the business opportunity?

Well, if you don’t, let me explain further. 

There are couple of vanguard staff who have actually stopped going to the office with their cars due to this traffic and guess what, on 2 or 3 occasions where my partner tend to park his car along the roadside to hurry down for his meeting, the brain box of the car was stolen. This has happened like 3 times now. 

This young man won’t be able to serve say 5 people at once with this service, so what he needs to do is, employ more trusted hands that will work with him, so if there are several calls requesting picking up cars, he sends his guys (there are more features that can be added to this, feel free to consult me, at a fee tho 😁). 

Now, to scale this up, he can duplicate this service in other gridlock possible traffic region like Lekki and the likes, get a brand name, something like “Traffic Auto Pickup – TAP”, and boom!!! That’s it. 

He can go as sweet as developing a real time app where you “TAP” the service and get a pickup team around you. This is sort of a real time booking like Uber. So, the team will navigate their movement and spread across regions where there are traffic (you can get this with google map)

Never underestimate the little things you see out there, they can become global business ideas only if you pay detailed attention and think it through. 

We all look but only a few see. 

Are you going to “TAP” this business idea? 😁

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