When government fears you can disrupt the whole global financial sector…

A couple of weeks ago, Mark Zuckerberg faced angry lawmakers trying to understand more about his plans to launch Facebook’s cryptocurrency Libra.

Lawmakers fear Zuckerberg could potentially disrupt the whole financial sector as we know it today.

With access to over 2 billion people, Libra could potentially become a major digital global currency virtually, “overnight.”

Zuckerberg was bombarded with aggressive questions about the election, free speech, hate groups and fake news from members of the House of Representatives Financial Services Committee.

Even a “Zuck Buck” image was projected in his back.

Most likely, Zuckerberg is the world’s most powerful man, with data of nearly 1/4 of the global population — governments could only dream having so much power.

He’s unstoppable…

How much does Facebook know about you?

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written by Hector Quintanilla


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