So I was reminiscing this afternoon, thinking so deep and wondering, why is it that most successful global businesses today like the google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc were not invented by a Nigerian or an African. 

Then I thought, par adventure Facebook was built by a Nigerian, would it have gotten to where it is today? Would it have engrossed over 2 billion users globally? Will country like China be so jealous to have shut down Facebook from operating in their country? 

At first I was doubting but you know what, it could have been far better BUT No, it won’t. Cut the illusion bro. 

Is the God of the whites different from the God of Blacks? Did God give us different thinking ability and capability? 

Hell NO! 

You see, God will only bless you based on your capacity and that is why in the Bible, he gave to one, 2 talent and to the other 5 talents……

No Apology, we’ve got smarter Africans than the whites but you know what…? 

Our capacity is lacking. Where is the infrastructure that will favor an invention like Facebook or google or Amazon. Where are the roads, the electricity, the conducive environment and structures. 

These ideas will never thrive in an environment with such low level of capacity. 

We are here and have remained in a spot or maybe progressing like snail in this continent.. all thanks to the African Leaders. 

No vision, no plans, they travel but don’t deem it fit to replicate what they’ve seen out there – we’ve got a long way to go Africa. 

So when next you think the God of the white is different from the God of the blacks, recall that God will only give you ideas that is within your capacity to handle. 

I just can’t wait for an African idea to take up the Global patronage like the facebooks and google. 

AFRICA & AFRICAN Leaders, let’s wake up to reality. We can’t continue to live like this. 

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