If you don’t know him yet, you probably might not have come online in the past one month. The only guy that is richer than “Dangwote” in Africa has been exposed!


Despite his nature and stature to which some people might have killed them selves or started begging, SHATTA BANDLE picked up his lemon and turned it into lemonade which has given him serious EXPOSURE and in turn making serious Cash for him. 

The Ghanaian “Social Media Billionaire” Just recently got featured on one of the PSquare guys video (forgive me, I can’t differentiate the 2 of them), and you know what that means???? 

Guy man has blow! Fogerrit!!! 

You see, on most of his interviews I’ve watched, one thing that he keeps repeating which I love so much is; “If you don’t value yourself, No one will value you”. 


If you don’t talk about your self, if you don’t appreciate yourself, if you don’t promote yourself, if you don’t push your business, fogerrit! No one will do that for you!

Talking about promoting yourself & business, I’ve got an Expo… to show you how to keep pushing your business out there, learning how to come up with great graphics content that will help your business grow and get you explosive sales and followers. 

It’s a course on how to design your business graphic content yourself, saving you huge costs spent on graphics designers. 

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We’ve got limited slots & shutting the freebies out soonest. 

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