It’s called the REVIEW Business and it’s a simple model. 

Here’s what you need to do. 

Pick up a Niche of any product e.g: Mobile Phones, Games, Hair, TV, Real Estate, Fashion, Cars, Toys, Electric Wires, MakeUp Products, etc. 

Relatively a product that evolves or has new version/types in the market often times. 

Create a simple Blog that demistify and review each version of the product you have chosen to focus on. 

It’s simple. 

We have different models of different brand of phones (is this English correct… you understand sha) 

Pick each of them and explain the features, the advantages, the downside, what people are saying and everything you think a potential buyer would want to know about the product. 

Now, do this as new product of your niche enters the market. Write reviews and in addition to the blog, post articles related to the products you’re reviewing. 

If you’re consistent for 3 months, your blog would have gained traction and traffic for companies producing these products to reach out to you. 

Here’s where the money starts rolling in… 

they pay you BIG time to Review their new product and also give you complimentary copies of their products- free!!!! Yes! 

This business model is already existing tho, but guess what… it hasn’t spread to other niches. It’s just limited right now, especially in Nigeria. 

Look out for un-tapped niche now, start writing reviews and become a Go-to platform when people need to purchase that product. 

I bet you, companies will chase you with good money to place their product on your blog

Plus, you can also make money from selling the products you are reviewing, either as an affiliate or as a reseller. 

You will also make money from Google ads. 

This is a side hustle that will churn in 6 figures steady on a monthly basis. 

Give it a shot and thank me later with a chilled….. fill in the gap 😉

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