You think so too? Because I don’t know what’s happening to us. 

I visited a riverine area some few days back, here in Lagos and saw where the sharp sands we use for building our homes are been gotten from. 

That is not even the issue, the main issue that got me worried about we Africans was the method used in extracting the sands this sands from the waters. 

Guess what…

In the same area, we have 2 different sets of people with different methods of extraction being used, I almost weep just like Jesus Christ when He saw Lazarus tomb!

This first set of guys are my Nigerian brothers, making use of basket (that basket they use in loading tomato from mile 12). They will thoroughly enter inside the water, you won’t even see their head, they go beneath, load this basket with the sharp sand below the water, when it’s full, they bring it out on their head, then offload the sand to a nearby dry ground. 

Some of them will load about 3 canoes with the sand and move it to another location. 

Now, we have about 30 of this young men doing this, mehn, you need to see them. 

The second set of people extracting I saw are Chinese guys and guess what, when I entered their area, I saw only 2 of them. The remaining people there are just gatemen (which of course are Nigerians). 

These Chinese guys already have a mechanical set up that is massively pumping out water from the river alongside with bulk load of sharp sand. 

And you can vividly see that in less than few hours a mighty heap of sands have gathered, waiting to dry and ready for disbursement. 

Now, what will take our people 1 week to accomplish with hard labour will take just 2 guys a day to accomplish and I begin to wonder…

Is Africa synonymous to Suffering???? 

…..part 2 loading.   

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