Watch How I Designed Business Logo & Other Business Graphic Contents in 5 Minutes

& How You Too Can Save Tens and Hundreds of Thousands of Naira Designing Your Business Graphics Content Yourself to Boost Your Business Sales & Followers...


My name is Abbey Oyetunji, I am the editor of Nigeria's foremost SME Portal and the No 1 Business Blog in Nigeria according to Google (not me, see image below) - SME Digest! I'm also a Business IT consultant for over 10 years now and owned several businesses ranging from Logistics to eCommerce business, and I'm still thriving just like you...

Now, this write-up here is not just about me but YOU! Yes, You. Here is me giving back from the journey and experiences so far in business so you can grab and run with it to also Grow Your Business.

Are You Getting Constant & Regular Sales In Your Business?

If you’re conversant online most especially on Instagram, I am very sure you’re following a couple of these Instagram influencers, the likes of Maraji, Lasisi Elenu, Taaoo, MC Lively, Nedu, etc and others... 

You watch them and Laugh hardly at their skits and even commenting and maybe go as far as downloading and sharing their content on your own social media handle. 


Do You Know What Those Guys Are Doing?

Yes! You got that right!! They are Generating Content Regularly!

There’s hardly a week or even a day that comes by that they don’t put out these content and guess what, as a result of these contents, these guys are making a killing via Instagram and other social media. 

Yea! I mean Serious CASH!!! 

I approached one of the influencers for an advert post some months back, guess what, he billed me N800k. Now imagine what they charge bigger brands.

Now, this is not about them, but about Y O U!!!  Yes, you reading this right now 

As a business owner that you are, what are you doing online? You need regular content almost daily to keep your customers aware of your existence. 

Take note of the Keyword, "Regular Content"


If you sell hair, shoe, bags, creams, Real Estate, services, etc; you don’t just need to be displaying your product pictures only! Naaa!!! You need a bit of some educative content that will make your followers and prospective customers want to buy from you. 

Let me tell you a Secret right now, come closer and keep it to yourself ONLY!

The secret to making more sales is providing more of educating content than always posting for sales. Always maintain the 60-40 strategy. 

60% educating your customers, while 40% post for sales 

And you have to be Consistent. 

Without this NoBody and I mean no soul will patronize you, or you might still get sales but will be extremely limited, compare to those that are doing it the right way. 

Imagine if a Lasisi or Maraji stops churning out skits, you’ll have forgotten about him, likewise brands/businesses Paying him for advert will forget about him too and make do with the ones that are consistent. 

That’s exactly same with your business. If you don’t fill the social media space with your content, in no time you will be forgotten, and guess what, your competitors that know about this strategy will always get all the customers. 

That is why you should learn How To Design Nice Professional Graphics Content for your business yourself to keep your business afloat and Save the huge cost of outsourcing it. 

You don’t need to outsource these designs anymore as I know how expensive graphics artists can be. 

NOW! you can comfortably do your designs, even though you don’t know anything about Graphics in the first place. 

You can now design a

  • Logo,
  • Instagram content,
  • Facebook cover image,
  • Letter head,
  • Business cards, name it, all by yourself. 

In this short video tutorial I’ll show you how to go about it and how I did a few designs in less than 5 minutes

Yes you heard me, 5 Minutes & You Can Too, trust me!

Graphics Like These Can Be Designed By YOU... YEAAA... in less time!


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This short tutorial will show you

  • How you can design graphics like Logo, facebook cover images, business cards, etc in less than 5 minutes.
  • How I designed Instagram Content for Business Purpose (Learn this and get your instagram and social media followers to increase with increased patronise daily).
  • You can even do this for those that are not aware and make cool cash off them (Knowledge is power you know *wink).

To your success!
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