Who Else Is Ready to X10 Sales/Income with Facebook Ads the Professional Way & Make More Money This 2020...

Plus I'm going to be working with just 20 persons to help them achieve a goal of earning minimum of N100,000 - N500,000 monthly - Guaranteed! No BS!!

If you are still complaining of low sales in your business or not making enough income to finance your bills then pay serious attention to this info.

Just 2 years ago I ventured into mini importation business, brought in 50 pcs of a particular item and I struggled to make 10 sales in a month, just 10 sales oo. I almost gave up the business entirely but you know what, I just had it in mind to fish out the real deal in making sales online cos I saw people doing it.

Information is vital fam, I delved into breaking the jinx about making crazy sales with facebook ads, invested over $700 on 3 different courses, that's about 250,000 naira and guess what...


Last year I was having a very important event in April and as at January I had only 2,500 naira, less than $10 in my account, damn! I was a bit scared (FEAR is a bastard), we have printed invite ooo but needed cash to do a whole freaking lot!



Anyways, I quickly brought in 300 pcs of a particular item from China and guess what, we sold all in 2 weeks (item was selling for N9,000 with 7,200 as profit), brought in 200 pcs more, killed it in another one week, and by March I was banking in over 2 million already!

What was the secret?

I discovered how to drip sales, I mean crazy sales from facebook. I hardly post my products on my personal facebook timeline, infact I don't freaking do that cos truth is, your friends and family are not your customers. If you're still shouting for sales on your facebook wall, how many are you selling? Your customers are strangers, that is why I will be showing you HOW TO CASH IN CRAZY SALES using Facebook Ads in the Next 3 Days and this time, for FREE.. (limited number of persons alowed tho)



After then, I have brought in so many items, done crazy number of sales and made good money off facebook ads. Last month alone, we sold over 150 pcs of a unique item (I will be showing you the item during the course of the training), at N9,900. After all expenses, we were able to bank over N850,000.

You might have heard of facebook ads or you're even running one as we speak, but are you running your ads like a pro? Do you know how to target the real audience of your product (not everyone on facebook are your customers, you'll be wasting lots of money showing your ads to irrelevant people), Are you retargetting your ads? (most people don't take action at the first glance of your ads, infact 95% of the people that will see your ad at first, even tho they are intersted will not take action at that moment. With the power of retargeting you can get them glued to seeing your advert and then take action)

This 3 days training, I will show you

  • How to target the real potential customers of your products
  • How to get people that have interacted with your ads but didn't buy to convince them to drop their money
  • I will show you the secret to targeting buyers and not just people that comment "how much" and dissapear. Know this and increase your earning spree with facebook ads
  • If you're still doing "Boost Post", you're wasting money, giving Mark Zuckerberg more money
  • I will show you how to setup your Pixel, this is extremely important if you must succeed with facebook ads.
  • and lots more juicy secrets that will blow your mind


You don't want to miss this for anything if you really want to achieve greatly this year in terms of MORE INCOME and guess what?


I'm going to be giving 20 persons, just 20 persons training on Mini Importation the Big boys way, and by that I mean the way you can start earning nothing less than 100,000 -500,000 naira monthly (in a day we do N100,000 and more in sales,  but yes, let's start from somewhere)

If you're set for this, drop your Name and Valid Email Address in the form below to get updates on when the training will begin.


You really don't want to miss this for NOTHING!


This 3 days training is worth more than N100,000 but you are getting it on a platter of Gold for completely FREE...

Registration closes immediately the timer below hits


To your success,
Abbey Oyetunji




PS: Having spent millions of naira on facebook ads in the past 2 years, I think you need to just seat back and grab this opportunity while it's still available. Don't even think of procastinating!

My name is Abbey Oyetunji, publisher of Nigeria's no 1 Business Blog - www.smedigest.com.ng, a few of our clients/partners ranges from Access Bank, Fidelity Bank, TEF, FCMB and a couple foreign companies.

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