I can count at least 20 hair vendors on Instagram that are doing well…

..and by doing well, I mean making millions on a steady, I kid you not! 

You see that thought that always run through your head and say, “so many people are into this already, I don’t think I’ll make enough or make plenty sales” 

That’s a thought from the pit of hell!

Start killing it right now. It’s called S C A R C I T Y    M I N D S E T

And no, it doesn’t just happen to you alone, so many people have this mindset but then, it’s up to you to kick it out!

Nigeria has the NUMBERS that’s why foreigners are trooping in on a daily to maximize and make crazy money from us. 

200 million+ is not a joke. 

You just need 0.001% and you’re fine, you’re in millions. 

One vendor can never dominate the market of whatever niche, not even 50. There’s market for everyone. 

You just need to up your game and eliminate the spirit of SCARCITY MINDSET. 

I used to be scared of selling 100pcs of any product I import way back, until the day I sold out 1,000 in a month. That was when I knew I could have done 10,000. 

Scarcity Mindset will LIMIT you. 

It will debar you of the plans God have for you. 


Go and multiply 👍

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