Very important, if you want to remain ‘alive’ in this country after this LockDown you need to read this, carefully! things are gonna get crazy in the coming days and you know why..???

Our major source of income is in a mess right now. Oil is freaking losing out in value and it’s going to affect YOU reading this right now to even the new born baby that’s still in the womb! 

You don’t wanna joke with this!

Our economy is going to be in shambles. Naira is fast loosing it value as I speak 1 dollar is now 450 from just 370 last week or 2. 

The Nigerian government is in serious debt, borrowing from left to right with no clear plans on how to off-set these borrowings anytime soon.

If you still don’t get it this is what I mean, buying power will reduce, there will be inflation, your 1,000 naira note will fast become useless cos you just might use it to buy only 1 roll of tissue… oh you haven’t heard of the Zimbabwe dollar, they have one single note of 50 trillion dollar and it can buy just Bread..

All this is happening cos the major source of our wealth is ‘drying up’ in value. ONLY people into these two things will keep keeping on.. and if you’re not, you should start thinking of it right now!!! 

  1. If you’re already earning in dollars, any legal business at all that’s paying you in dollars, focus on it right now and expand. And if you’re not already, click here now: to start building a list and I’ll show you how you can start earning in dollar from your list. 

  2. Those that are into agriculture. Invest in Agriculture right now, whether crop farming or animal farming cos these are the things we can export to earn in foreign currencies and they will also feed us. We are working on an Agriculture Investment Scheme already, if you want to be part of it, quickly click HERE now so you can be added to the waiting list. 

You don’t want to get caught up UN-PREPARED. It’s gonna be med! 

I just thought to keep you abreast so you know how e Dey go. 

Nobody will tell you this, you gotta fish things out for yourself and family. 

I love you fam. 

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