Going home from the office yesterday on a commercial bus, I noticed the naira notes on me was all in 1,000 denomination, I knew this was going to bring some “Oga I No Get Change” rift with the bus conductor as usual in Lagos, Nigeria, then thanks goodness, the driver had to get fuel from the fuel station.

On getting there, I immediately alerted the bus conductor, bringing out one of the notes to let him know that is what is on me, with a suggestion of him changing it right there and then with the fuel attendant before it’s too late.

You know, I had to impose the fact that he need to make good use of the fuel station opportunity to get my change and immediately the driver was leaving the station, I thirdly; if not the fourth time, reminded him of the fact that I’m collecting CHANGE!

Immediately, he gave me my change and guess what…

Right there and then people that were in the bus before me, some of whom gave him 500 naira note and 200 naira note were yet to get their change and seeing that me that just entered have collected, they also started asking for theirs!

You see, life will NEVER give you what you desire if you don’t make that move to REQUEST for it and go grab it, NEVER!

Many of us have got talents and skills but are still waiting for probably a perfect timing or expecting the next level to fall on our laps, NO, you’ve got to go for it with all consciousness, DEMAND what you want and what you’re worth from life and you will get it! Avoid all form of procrastination, you need to learn a skill or perfect your skill? go for it! You need to record that song? Go do it right away.

It is not enough to think once you have established that business, people will come and patronise you, NEVER! You have to demand for that patronise, make noise, let people know that you’re out there and you have a CHANGE to collect!

This is already getting long; just a little way to give you that push needed in life from my daily experience.

I do hope you’ll go COLLECT YOUR CHANGE!

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