In order to commensurate my recent birthday celebration, I have decided to organise a Masterclass for SMEs on How to advertise their businesses on Facebook. This is a Facebook Advertising Masterclass worth N49,900 and this time for FREE, but we are allowing just a few in!

Being the author of Nigeria’s foremost SME Portal – SME Digest, I discovered that many small businesses out there are having big challenges making sales, getting recurring customers, scaling their business… in view of that, I have decided to have this step by step class which will be hosted via a webinar.

Be rest assured you’re getting the gimmicks involved with Facebook advertising such as;

  • How to get your products to the right customers (not everybody online are your customers)
  • How to know the real people that have shown interest in your product/service
  • How to re-showcase your product to people that didn’t buy at first (statistics had it that it takes about 7 approach for a prospective customer to patronise you)
  • How to create a simple page where you upload your products for your customers to get more details
  • Selling more to people that have made first purchase

and many more…

Now, how do you qualify to be part of this class..?

Simply click on this link and follow the instruction to be part of the training. We are taking a few for this free masterclass. Click HERE right away

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